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Review Article

The Catalysis of Temperature and Drug Packing Systems on the Chemical Additives of Drug


Wisam Hassan Ali1, Kawther Mejbel Hussein2, Doaa Hamed Salih3, Dr. Nagham Mahmood Aljamali4*

Research Article

Impact of the Addition of Sugar Beet Lime Sludge on the Composting of Argan Oil By-Products


Meriem Mobaligh1, Omar Saadani Hassani1, Youssef Ait Rahou2, and Khalid Fares1*

Research Article

Roles of Indigenous Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Composts in Improving Tomato Tolerance to Water Stress under Controlled Greenhouse Conditions


Meriem Mobaligh1, Mohamed Anli2, Abderrahim Boutasknit2, Youssef Ait-Rahou2, Redouane Ouhaddou2, Abdelilah Meddich2

Research Article

Collective Plasmonic Resonances of Metallic Particle Clusters in Zeolite Materials


Mufei Xiao1, *, Vitalii Petranovskii1, Armando Reyes-Serrato1, Joel Antúnez-García1, Jesús L. A. Ponce-Ruiz1

Research Article

Hazardous Bauxite Red Mud and Ferrous Slag Management to Produce Sustainable Construction Materials


Vsevolod Mymrin*, Kirill Alekseev, Walderson Klitzke, Daniela E. Evaniki, Cleber L Pedroso, Fernando H Passig

Research Article

Studies on Morphological Parameters, Radius of Gyration, Correlation Length and Invariant of HPMC Polymer Doped with Ferrous (II) Oxide Using SAXS Method


Gayathri G1, Ranjitha K2, Mahadevaiah3, V Annadurai4*, S R Kumaraswamy5, H Somashekarappa6

Research Article

Superior Performance of Ca(OH)2 -CaO-H2 O System Doped with Cerium and Lithium for Thermochemical Energy Storage


Lin Zhu, Ya-Ting Li, Deng-Yu Wang, En-Xu Ren, Zhi-Bin Xu*, Qin-Pei Wu*

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